OnlyConnect Hints and Practices

Helpful Hints:

  • Patience, patience, patience - OnlyConnect is manipulating a large amount of complex data. It will take longer than you may expect to load some screens. Hitting enter more than once will not improve response time, instead it will increase server traffic and degrade response time for all OnlyConnect users.

  • If you want to reference other sections of the document while you enter topics in OnlyConnect, open two browsers and use one to enter comments and one as the reference document.

  • You can use the browser's "Find" dialog to locate specific words in the page you are viewing. If you want to search for words in the tree section, expand the tree in the area you wish to search.

OnlyConnect Access:

  • Active work group members may go to to sign up for OnlyConnect access.

  • Active work group members will receive a response email indicating authorization has been given for read only access to the tool. Work group co-chairs and IG Delegates will also be authorized to create comments. Other users may be authorized to create comments with the consent of the appropriate IG Delegate and TG4.

Preparing for a meeting:

  • Each IGDG Member reviews the Open Items in OnlyConnect and prepares for the discussion. The member may download reports from OnlyConnect, including reports of Open Items, Closed Items and Parking Lot Items.

Using OnlyConnect at a Meeting:

  • One person logs into OnlyConnect and displays the IG content and comments using an LCD or Web Conference.

  • If the discussion does not result in a decision, a comment summarizing the discussion will be entered into OnlyConnect.

  • If the discussion results in a decision on whether, or how, the IG will be modified, the group's decision will be entered into OnlyConnect. The OnlyConnect entry must be prefaced with the phrase "Final Decision" and must stand alone as the complete editing instruction to the publisher.

  • Other participants may log into OnlyConnect to research other content as part of the discussion or to view the displayed section on their own machine. These participants should minimize movement (clicking from location to location within or between documents) because too many clicks will slow response time for all OnlyConnect users.