Getting Started
    Role-Based Access
       837 - Professional
          1. Purpose and Business Information
          2. Transaction Set
             2.1. Presentation Examples
             2.2. Implementation Usage
             2.3. Transaction Set Listing
             2.4. 837 Segment Detail
                Table 1 - Header
                Table 2 - Billing Provider Detail
                   Loop 2000A - Billing Provider Level
                      HL - Billing Provider Level
                      PRV - Billing Provider Specialty Information
                      CUR - Foreign Currency Information
                      Loop 2010AA - Billing Provider Name
                      Loop 2010AB - Pay-to Address
                      Loop 2010AC - Pay-To Plan Name
                      Loop 2010AD - Pay-to Factoring Agent Name
                         NM1 - Pay-to Factoring Agent Name
                         N3 - Pay-to Factoring Agent Address
                         N4 - Pay-to Factoring Agent City, State, ZIP Code
                         REF - Pay-to Factoring Agent Secondary Identification
                         REF - Pay-to Factoring Agent Tax Identification Number
                         PER - Pay-to Factoring Agent Contact Information
                Table 2 - Subscriber Detail
                Table 2 - Patient Detail
          3. Examples
          A. External Code Sources
          B. Nomenclature
          C. EDI Control Directory
          D. Change Summary
          E. Industry Names
          F. ASC X12 Code List/External Value Domain Harmonization
    OnlyConnect® Hints and Practices
    ASC X12N OnlyConnect User Manual
Common Content and Dictionaries
Standards and Technical Reports