Getting Started
    Role-Based Access
       837 - Professional
          1. Purpose and Business Information
             1.1. Implementation Purpose and Scope
             1.2. Version Information
             1.3. Implementation Limitations
             1.4. Business Usage
             1.5. Business Terminology
             1.6. Transaction Acknowledgments
             1.7. Related Transactions
             1.8. Trading Partner Agreements
             1.9. HIPAA Role in Implementation Guides
             1.10. National Provider Identifier Usage within the HIPAA 837 Transaction
             1.11. Coding of Drugs in the 837 Claim
             1.12. Additional Instructions and Considerations
          2. Transaction Set
          3. Examples
          A. External Code Sources
          B. Nomenclature
          C. EDI Control Directory
          D. Change Summary
          E. Industry Names
          F. ASC X12 Code List/External Value Domain Harmonization
    OnlyConnect® Hints and Practices
    ASC X12N OnlyConnect User Manual
Common Content and Dictionaries
Standards and Technical Reports