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EDI Tools Overview

Healthcare data requires transformation into a variety of different formats for use by off-the-shelf business applications. WPC has developed numerous proprietary adapters and accelerators that match your legacy data with standard metadata fields and syntax. We have developed a HIPAA validation engine, HIPAA databases, and transactional schemas, all of which minimize the time and expense required for custom application development, configuration and upgrades.

  Medical/Surgical: ASC X12 Pharmacy: NCPDP
    Telecommunication SCRIPT Post Adjudication
Stand-alone Tools

FirstPass V3
Validate HIPAA-mandated transactions

Data Definition Language (DDL) Scripts
Create SQL Server databases for all HIPAA-mandated ASC X12 transactions

Telecommunication D.0 XSD Schemas
Use XML schema definitions for each Telecommunication transaction

SCRIPT 10.6 XSD Schemas
Use XML schema definitions for each SCRIPT transaction

Post Adjudication History 4.2 XSD Schema
Use an XML schema definition for the Post Adjudication History transaction

Microsoft BizTalk Tools

HIPAA Database Toolkit
Leverage HIPAA compliance into business intelligence

834 Enrollment Viewer
Search for and view healthcare insurance enrollments

NCPDP Pharmacy Accelerator – Telecommunication D.0
Reach D.0 compliance

NCPDP Pharmacy Accelerator – SCRIPT 10.6
Add e-prescribing and Rx history to your healthcare IT solution

NCPDP Database Toolkit – Post Adjudication History
Understand and use adjudicated claims data

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