Established in 1975 and incorporated in 1987, Washington Publishing Company (WPC) is widely recognized as a leading expert in publishing and licensing technical standards related to business-to-business data exchange. For over 30 years, WPC has specialized in managing and distributing data integration information through publications, derivative products, and support services. Over these years, WPC has grown to become:


WPC has participated in the development, maintenance, and implementation of EDI standards since their inception in 1975, primarily as contractor to the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (TDCC), the Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) and now to NCPDP and X12. WPC currently publishes and distributes all X12 work as well as several related code lists for other industry associations such as the American Medical Association and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. WPC holds the copyright on the format of all X12 work products.

For all inquires, contact us via email at admin@wpc-edi.com or phone at 425.562.2245.

Code Lists

Go to X12.org/Codes to see most of the external code lists that were previously available on wpc-edi.com. To purchase a subscription to these code lists, please contact us by email at admin@wpc-edi.com or phone at (425) 562-2245.


The majority of WPC’s publications are available through X12 at https://x12.org/products.

Additional work, such as the Rail Industry Implementation Guides are available directly from WPC, see below: